The Lake Superior Squadron 101 is part  of the Commemorative Air Force. The CAF is an all-volunteer organization of women and men devoted to keeping vintage World War II aircraft flying and honoring the people who flew them. Here in Duluth we have a wide collection of vehicles to compliment our permanently displayed PBY Catalina aircraft and our rotating display of various other aircraft.

The Commemorative Air Force is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization originally incorporated under Texas laws for charitable and educational purposes.

Today, the Commemorative Air Force is comprised of over 11,000 members, many of whom serve as pilots and flight or maintenance crew members committed to preserving World War II American aviation heritage. The CAF is responsible for operating a fleet of more than 140 airplanes known as the Ghost Squadron.

The year 1991 marked the beginning of a new era for the CAF with the opening of the new Midland, Texas, headquarters and museum facilities.

The CAF is an all-volunteer organization, made up of members from all walks of life. Membership is open to all men and women, age 18 or older. You need not be a veteran nor a pilot to join the CAF. Privately funded and totally self-supporting, the nonprofit, tax-exempt group is dedicated to preserving the military aviation heritage of World War II.

The Commemorative Air Force has had a long and dedicated presence in Minnesota via its South St. Paul location, but is relatively new to the Twin Ports area. 

We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help our organization grow. 

For more information about the Commemorative Air Force or the Lake Superior Squadron, Please Contact Dewayne Tomasek at

Located at Duluth International Airport in our
own gigantic hangar. . .
. . .we're busy restoring a classic WWII PBY CATALINA!
You're welcome to visit our MUSEUM with its huge collection of WWII artifacts . . .
. . .or attend one of our many EVENTS.
If you love planes, history, or just having fun, come join us.
We want you!
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